Xander Zhou has been reconnecting with his Asian roots since his 2016 Spring/Summer collection. Steering clear of stereotypes, he has been exploring the connection between oriental mysticism and the futuristic modernity of Asia. The continent is a blend of cultures and has a hyperactive virtual community culture. Its people embrace everything electronic, scientific and technological. This vibe, coined techno-orientalism, has inspired several collections, which also built on the previous diversity theme.


Today, Xander Zhou is taking this concept a step further by sketching a map of future humanity, merging the real and the ideal by creating a universe in which the characters in his collections can coexist and interconnect - whether they are humans, androids or aliens. In this universe, new boundaries of diversity can be explored. This "new diversity", beyond ethnic, racial, cultural, sexual and gender identities, is the Milky Way of imagination, absurdity and romanticism, where the old standards to examine human society and its individuals have been completely abandoned.